Danny Guinan & Red: we've had a momentous weekend

Ronald de Jong stuurde het volgende mailtje over de bijzondere belevenissen van afgelopen weekeinde. Zo vervingen ze in het Amsterdamse Concertgebouw The Boys of the Lough die verstek moesten laten gaan. Een mooi stukje proza is het geworden, te aardig om het niet te plaatsen. Ronald voegt er nog wat data aan toe van concerten van de Ierse singer-songwriter Freddie White. Ronald cs staan achter diens tour.

I thought it might be worth sending out a wee newsletter after the momentous weekend we've just had. On Friday afternoon we had the fearsome task of entertaining 700 kids from the Xavier College on 'their own ground' so to speak. Let me tell you, the thought of facing this crew of 13 to 16 year olds was as daunting as one could imagine but it went off swimmingly. I can't remember having as much fun at a school gig when I was a kid as this lot did. The kids are more than alright. Friday evening saw us playing at the opening of a new folk club/theatre in Antwerp called the Heksenketel. There wasn't room to turn a sweet in your mouth as we played a truly enjoyable and completely acoustic set to old fans and new fans alike. To keep us rightly on our toes on Friday we received a telephone call asking us to fill in for The Boys of the Lough who couldn't do their gig in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. We thought about it for about a half-a- second and said 'Ok'. So Sunday brought us to that awe-inspiring place, excited but admittedly not sure what to expect. The gig had long been sold-out but the ticket-buyers had no idea until that evening that the band they had paid to come and see couldn't make it and that Danny Guinan & Red had been drafted in to fill the gap. Nevertheless the place was completely full when we stepped onto the stage that evening. The rest, as they say, is history. The gig was wonderful, the sound was wonderful, the audience was wonderful, the cd sales were wonderful and our guest musician on the night, Max van Gelder on accordion was also wonderful. I could go on and on but suffice to say that this one is going down in big bold print in 'the books'. For those of you who missed it (meaning everybody because none of you knew about it) there's a vicious rumour going around that we'll be included in the programming for Concertgebouw gigs next season...

Danny G

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AND.... for anyone who's in the neighbourhood: Freddie White, briliant guitarplayer/singer/songwriter and good friend www.freddiewhite.com is still in Holland an Belgium: gigs stil to come..... Friday 29/11 De Waag -Haarlem Saturday 30/11 De Cactus -Hengelo Sunday (14.30) Herberg 't IJsselmeer -Oosterleek