Wie boekt folkduo Huw Chidgey and Nic Durham?

Nic Durham stuitte al surfend op Folkforum.nl. Hij wil graag in Nederland optreden, maar hoe moet hij dat
regelen? Wie ka hij het beste benaderen. Wie helpt Nik en Huw aan een debuut in Nederland? Hier zijn op
goed geluk gestuurde mailtje:

Hi, My name is Nic Durham of the "Huw Chidgey and Nic Durham" folk duo. I found your site whilst surfing - with
a view to getting bookings in the Netherlands. The main problem is that i can't read or understand the Dutch language, so i have no idea how or whom to contact. Is it possible for someone to point me in the right direction?, or even arrange bookings for us ( with commission of course)
We have toured before but we had someone doing all the translations and arrangements. (Bold brothers) Any information you might have would be really gratefully received, thanks.
For further information:- Phone Huw ++01685 886855 Nic mobile ++ 07816 322523 or email me, you can
also find us at http://www.scotborders-folk.org.uk/images/huwandnick_full.jpg Best regards, Nic.
NB I'm sure that John Wright will give us a recommendation.