In het BBC tv-programma Later with Jools Holland is vrijdagavond 1/12 Bellowhead te gast. Deze 11 mans folky big band rond het duo Spiers & Boden is momenteel hot in Engeland. Hun debuutalbum Burlesque scoort er uitstekend en werd eerder deze week nog in onze cd-recensie-rubriek lovend besproken.

Naast Bellowhead is er ondermeer ook een optreden van de Amerikaanse alt.countrygroep The Be Good Tanyas. Het programma wordt uitgezonden in de nacht van vrijdag op zaterdag van 00:35 uur tot 01:30 uur.

Op de website van het programma staat een interview waarin drie van de elf Bellowhead-muzikanten aan het woord komen: Jon Boden, John Spiers en Paul Sartin.  Op de vraag of ze iets kunnen vertellen over de twee songs die ze in ‘Later' zullen spelen volgt de volgende passage:

PS: Rigs Of The Time was a ballad that was printed at the time of the Napoleonic wars, it was a protest ballad because during the Napoleonic wars the Government introduced corn laws which pushed the price of bread up - so there was a lot of hardship so these ballads were printed and then they were into oral currency, they entered the oral tradition. Our version of it was recorded as late as 1947 in Norfolk from a chap called Charger Salmons and then we found it on a field recording somewhere but it's been transcribed into books.
PS: And Jordan was originally from the states. It's a slightly political hymn as well.
JS: Raving against class differences.
JB: They're both quite political songs but Jordan's a bit more abstract and probably a bit more revolutionary as well. Jordan's got references to John Bull who was used as a figurehead for working class agitation. So they're both 19th century political ballads.
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