David Gallows mailt: I'm looking for a violin player to join my band, based near Eindhoven, We play mostly sea based folk music in a semi electric style with folk tunes from England Ireland and Scotland thrown in - all dressed as pirates! (sound odd? - it works!)

We've recorded recently with our previous violin player and 1 track of it called The Diamond is up on our website, myspace and facebook, which should give you some idea of the direction I'm trying to go for.

My influences range from Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Albion Band, thru to Irish bands like the Dubliners, the Pogues, Canadians like Great Big Sea and Stan Rogers - all the way to modern electric bands like flogging molly, the levellers etc

I want to get back to rehearsing and performing as soon as possible and the moment we're ready take us out touring, - the idea is to play a lot, have fun and make money.

The ideal candidate is mid twenties to mid thirties like me, enthusiastic and ready to start now, having a vehicle is a bonus, and if you can sing that's even better. Love of beer, ale and all things pirate is optional but will certainly help!

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