JW.Roy in Real Roots Cafe

Real Roots Cafe brengt een interview met JW.Roy en tracks van zijn nieuwe
album Keep It Coming.
Ook in Real Roots cafe
1. Tommy Carns : Interview and songs from his latest album Get Up And Fall Down. Special thanks to Inbetweens Records.
2. Louis! : The Real Roots Café did talk to the Elvis Costello of the Netherlands concerning the bands latest release Tales of Liquid Desires and Shining Armours. Special thanks to Louis van Empel.
3. Kirsten : Interview at the Polderpop Festival in Leuth nearby Nijmegen and music from her latest album The Chick Singer. Special thanks to Daphne and Erik Brugman.
4. JW Roy: Interview in Doornroosje in Nijmegen and music from his latest album Keep It Coming. Special thanks to Monkey Man and V2 Records
5. Mike & the Mellotones : Interview and live tracks from their latest album Wild Life Action
6. Hardpan : Interview and liner notes coming from Joseph Parsons. Special thanks to Edgar Heckmann, Blue Rose Records
7. Danny Guinan & Red : Interview with Danny Guinan and live from the Sonsbeek Park in Arnhem, Holland. Special thanks to Roland
8. The Brooklyn Cowboys : Interview with Walter Egan en Fredro Perry and music from their albums Doin' Time On Planet Earth and their latest release The Other Man In Black. Special thanks to Martha Moore

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